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Jorge R. Astonitas



Origin: Peru, in the Las Pirias district.


Variety: Mondo Novo, Typica.


Altitude: 1,600 m


Filter, Chemex infusion: Nice complexity and sustained acidity.


Espresso infusion: Floral.


Suggested roast : Agtron 65

Important: You have to choose a roasting color.

Additional information

1000g, 340g


Aeropress, Automatic espresso, Beans, Chemex, Filter cone, French Press, Italian moka, Manual espresso, Oriental (very fine), Paper filter, Percolator, Permanent filter


Dark (Agtron 35), Italian (Agtron 40), Espresso Dark (Agtron 45), Espresso (Agtron 50), Medium (Agtron 55), Light Medium (Agtron 65), Brown (Agtron 70), Moderately Light (Agtron 75)

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