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Why do team building activities?

  • Improve cognitive connections by learning to identify different aromas and flavors
  • Reinforce communication and team spirit 
  • Get to know coworkers 
  • Stress relief
  • Develop new skills
Two activities are available:

1. Discovery of coffee and its regions – 2 hours – 2 to 6 people

  • The Myth of the discovery of coffee
  • Production regions
  • Chemex (3 coffees )
  • Syphon (1 coffee)
  • Espresso (2 coffees)

2. Latte Art – 2 hours – 2 to 6 people

  • Foaming milk
  • Free Pour (Cœur – Rosetta – Tulip )
  • Edging

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Choosing Lenoir & Lacroix for your office or your business, is choosing a local micro-roastery that has built a solid reputation since its beginning, 13 years ago. It’s choosing quality, craftsmanship and taste.