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Inspired by the intelligence of Annas, these inquisitive women are creative and passionate. They inspire grace and ‘joie de vivre” with their innate sense of style. They are ambitious without being pretentious and family values are important to them.

Cupping notes: spicy with light cardamon and fruit notes

Origins: Guatemala, Honduras and Peru

Certified: Rainforest Alliance

454g – 5lbs

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454g, 5lbs


(2) Oriental – very fine, (2) Oriental very fine, (3) Espresso fine, (3) Espresso fine, (3)Espresso fine, (4) Espresso standard, (4) Italian Moka, (4) Italian moka, (4) Standard espresso, (5) Chemex, (5) Chemex, (5) Espresso coarse, (5) Espresso coarse, (5)Chemex, (7) Aeropress, (7) Aeropress, (7) Filter, (7)Aeropress, (9) French press (bodum), Beans


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