Blue mountains


Fine and Singular Coffee – $120 for 800 grams

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Photo credit: Cédryck Mimault 

Country: Jamaica 

Region: Newcastle of the Blue Mountains 

Producer: Domaine Clifton Mount 

Appellation: Rainforest Alliance Certified

Process: Washed and sun-dried

Altitude: 1,310 meters

Soil type: Sandy earth

Botanical species: Arabica

Botanical variety: Typica


Tasting notes

Toast degree according to the Agtron chart: Number 65 (medium brown)

Nose (olfaction): Spicy coriander nuance

Mouth (flavours and sensations): Soft, round and acidulous

Aromas (retro-olfaction): Orange at first with a caramel finish


This great classic is appreciated for its finesse in the mouth.

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