Decaf Tazzina


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Lenoir & Lacroix Coffee Roaster | Organic and fairtrade blend

Origine: Peru

Roasting: Medium dark

Body: Balanced, intense flavour

Aromas: Wood, touch of roasted almonds.

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Fresh coffee

We roast our coffee in the week before it is shipped, therefore, it is always fresh and delicious 

Roasted in the Montreal area 

By buying our coffee, our costumers encourage local economy. Buying local is also buying quality and freshness. 

Organic and fair trade 

Every coffee we put in our blends are certified organic by Ecocert and fair trade by Fairtrade Canada. 

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(2) Oriental very fine, (3) Espresso fine, (3)Espresso fine, (4) Espresso standard, (4) Italian Moka, (4) Italian moka, (4) Standard espresso, (5) Chemex, (5) Espresso coarse, (5)Chemex, (7) Aeropress, (7) Filter, (7)Aeropress, (9) French press (bodum), Beans


1000g, 300g


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