High altitude coffee – $70 for 800 grams

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Photo credit: Christian Lacroix

Country: Papua New Guinea

Region: Eastern Highlands, Goroka

Producer: Small producers association

Appellation: Micro-lot

Process: Washed and sun-dried

Altitude: 1,600 meters

Soil type: Bog, Alluvial, Volcanic

Botanical species: Arabica

Botanical variety: Bourbon and Arusha*.

Notes de dégustation

Roast degree according to the Agtron chart: Number 70 (light brown)

Nose (olfaction): Floral

Mouth (flavours and sensations): Fruity and tangy

Aromas (retro-olfaction): Apricot, mint, jasmine


*The Arusha variety is a botanical variety native to Tanzania. It travelled from Africa to Oceania with the French missionaries in the 19th century.

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