Kenya AA Kathithinku


Exceptional coffee – $70 for 800 grams

Refer to the table of flavours when choosing your desired roast.

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Country: Kenya

Region: Neyri County, West Marthira District

Producer: Cooperative

Appellation: AA

Process: Washed and sun-dried

Altitude: 1,600 to 1,900 meters

Soil type: Volcanic

Botanical species: Arabica

Botanical variety: Sl 28, SL 34, RIURI and Bastian

Tasting notes

Roast degree according to the Agtron chart: Number 80 (very light brown)*.

Nose (olfaction): Grass, hay

Mouth (flavours and sensations): Sweet acidity

Aromas (retro-olfaction): Alfalfa, cherry note


*We have chosen this roast level to reveal the acidity associated with this terroir. This exceptional coffee will surprise you. Dare to choose a roast degree that will make you discover the organoleptic possibilities of this terroir.

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