Komodo Dragon


Organic coffee – $70 for 800 grams

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Photo credit: Christian Lacroix

Country: Indonesia

Region: island of Flores

Producer: PT. Indokom Citra Persada

Appellation: Organic and Rainforest Alliance

Process: Wet Hulled**.

Altitude: 1,220 to 1,524 meters

Soil type: Volcanic

Botanical species: Arabica

Botanical variety: Catimor, hybrid of timor, Typica


Tasting notes

Roast degree according to the Agtron chart: Number 65 (medium brown)

Nose (olfaction): Floral, rose-tea

Mouth (flavours and sensations): Silky and tangy

Aromas (retro-olfaction): Notes of cedar, straw


*This coffee-growing region is located on the dormant volcano Inierie. Due to volcanic activity, the soil is nutrient-rich for coffee trees.

**The “wet-hulled” process is the same as the “giling Basha” process, which consists of drying the beans in two steps. First, the pulp is removed from the coffee beans before it is left to dry. The protective layer is then removed to complete the drying process. The difference is in the method the producer uses.

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