Oscar – decaf


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Inspired by the elegance of Oscars, authentic and charming individuals with great sensitivity who constantly amaze everyone with their unusual points of view and impress them with their incredible exploits.

Origin : Peru

Cupping notes : Rich taste, spicy notes

Certified Organic

300 g – 5,5 lbs

Decaffeineated with swiss water process method

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300 g, 5.5 lbs


(2) Oriental very fine, (3) Espresso fine, (3)Espresso fine, (4) Espresso standard, (4) Italian moka, (4) Standard espresso, (5) Chemex, (5) Espresso coarse, (5)Chemex, (7) Aeropress, (7) Filter, (7)Aeropress, (9) French press (bodum), Beans


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