Proudly supporting the Collective L&L and intercultural exchanges in Peru

As you may know, our passion for coffee goes beyond the taste and aromas. We have an immense respect for the coffee-growing communities and we believe their work is essential. For that reason we participate in developing the Collective L&L’s projects. Their first art residency project in Peru is happening right now in Lamas, a village situated in the Peruvian Amazon. Christian Lacroix, our head roaster and president, is acting as a coordinator and accompanying the artists, Frederic Bigras-Burrogano et Véronique Buist, as they develop their projects. This project is happening also with the help of Uniterra.

The residency takes place in an altitude coffee area. The coffee farms in this area are part of the Oro Verde cooperative which produces organic and fairtrade coffee. Here are some pictures of the adventure so far.

Photos: Véronique Buist


Véronique Buist’s view while working!



Embroidery fun with Véronique Buist and native women in Peru!


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Christian Lacroix and Frederic Bigras-Burrogano are arm wrestling during the art residency project in Peru!



Christian Lacroix exchanging photography techniques with children.

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