The Coffee Trail!


Understand, discover and encounter the artisans of coffee-producing regions via a critical examination of the historical and sociological aspects of their development.

The Project’s Itinerary

During a trip across the planet, starting in South America, Christian Lacroix will visit coffee-producing communities.  The photographic portrait will serve to convey and illustrate the character of these artisans.  In addition, landscape photography and video will round out these portraits in order to better document the social and political infrastructures in which these artisans exist.  These media will also enable an understanding of the topographical environment of the coffee-producing regions and its influence on aromas and flavours.  The images generated throughout the journey tend to avoid the photo-journalistic approach, acting rather as witness to the feel of the culture, to the link that develops among its various parties.

Also, a technical and specialized approach will be applied to analyzing the regions visited.  Via an organoleptic analysis (flavours, aromas, tastes and odours) of coffees from different origins, we will acquire a broader understanding of the relationship between the different botanical varieties cultivated and the environmental factors such as altitude, sunshine, the slope of the terrain and the type of soil. 

Destination One: Central America.

Starting in October 2016, we will travel the roads from Mexico to Panama, also studying the following countries: Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

The project will first be presented on FaceBook on the Lenoir Lacroix page, as well as on instagram @larouteducafé. 



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