What’s the best whole bean coffee for you?

Choosing a whole bean coffee means that you’re guaranteed to obtain a high-quality coffee. Better preserved, it dries out less, releases all its flavour and strength, and lets you enjoy the freshest coffee whenever you want. But what’s the best whole bean coffee for you?



For Arabica lovers

If you enjoy Arabicas, you have a wide range of aromatic qualities to choose from, since this species contains over two hundred varieties. Without a doubt, you’ll adore Huehuetenango Zaculeu. Grown on plantations in the non-volcanic mountainous barrier in the Zaculeu region of Huehuetenango near the Mexican border, which benefits from Guatemala’s subtropical climate, these coffee beans arrive at perfect maturation, which gives them an exceptional and rather special body and flavour. The fertile limestone soils of the mountains of Guatemala provide these coffee beans with a potent acidity and subtle notes of wine, pepper, cardamom, and apricot, which give them a powerful and highly fragrant aroma. Harvested by hand, the coffee cherries are immediately washed and pulped, then the beans are dried on terraces and then in dryers until their moisture rate is only 11%. An extraordinary coffee with an intense body, it’s enjoyed by Guatemalans as well as Arabica lovers around the world.


Arabica-Robusta blends

Accused (often unfairly) of not being as good as Arabica coffee, Robusta coffee is unfortunately very rare in coffee blends on the Québec market. Italian blends consisting of Robusta and Arabica varieties from Africa, South America, and India, however, offer a perfect balance between the fruity flavours of Arabica beans and the strength of Robusta beans. Distinguished by its delicate foam, this coffee attacks the palate with its intensity and boasts an abundant, full body. It lingers in the mouth and leaves a slightly spicy, liquor-like taste. A powerful and expressive coffee, its hint of Robusta rounds out its taste without any bitterness. The Italian blend is a perfect mixture of strength and finesse, and can be enjoyed both in the morning and at the end of a good meal.



Single origin whole bean coffees

Harvested according to the traditions of the country where they’re grown, single origin whole bean coffees offer incredible flavours from all four corners of the globe.

  • Among the great vintages from Africa are the essential mokas from Ethiopia, with their tart, intense flavour, which are particularly suitable for people with espresso machines.
  • More acidic than the Ethiopian mokas, the crown jewel of East Africa, the single origin whole bean Arabica from Kenya is sure to please lovers of full-bodied coffees. It’s perfect for putting the final touch on a good meal.
  • Arabica lovers will undoubtedly enjoy the tart, even acidic notes of coffees from the Tarrazu region of Costa Rica.
  • A single origin Arabica harvested on the plantations high in the mountains of Mexico, Liquidambar is one of the best whole bean coffees of the Maragogype variety. It’s appreciated by people who like coffee that combines smoothness and a full body. Slightly acidic with a low caffeine content, this gourmet coffee boasts a delicate scent and flavour that combines subtle notes of apple, honey, and chocolate.
  • Single origin whole bean coffee from Colombia is a classic appreciated by lovers of coffees with a subtle, slightly acidic taste, a fruity aroma, and a soft body.

Whether you prefer 100% Arabica coffees, Robusta-Arabica blends, or Italian blends, there’s nothing better than whole bean coffee when it comes to releasing all its aroma, flavour, and freshness and making coffee tasting a truly pleasurable experience.


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